Oregon Country Fair Volunteer Crews

The Oregon Country Fair depends on the efforts of its many volunteers who offer their skills and services through several working crews. Each crew hires its own volunteers, so if there is a particular crew that interests you, please e-mail the office and we will pass the message along to that coordinator. Here is a list of our crews and a short description of how they contribute to the Fair.

Welcomes visitors to the Fair during the three days of our event.
Handles all advertising and media contacts.
Offers services such as wheelchair loans and sign language interpretation to folks who are alter-abled.
Works to preserve and protect the archaeological integrity of our property, one of the oldest archaeology sites in the United States.
Banners And Signs
Designs, creates and maintains a variety of signs and banners displayed at the Fair.
Works with the local bus company to assure Fairgoers safe and fun rides to and from the Fair.
Coordinates on-site camping for Fair volunteers and booth participants.
Cart Central
Loans carts for hauling to volunteers and booth members.
Makes the maps that are displayed around the Fair site.
Offers childcare services to Fair participants and guests during our three-day event.
Commemorative Sales
Sells commemorative items such as t-shirts and posters.
Community Village Council
Coordinates the Community Village, an area of the Fair comprised of representatives of non-profit organizations.
Operates Fair Central which coordinates communication among Fair participants.
Builds booths and structures for our three-day event.
Craft Inventory
Conducts our booth participant selection process; works during the Fair with crafters to maintain the integrity of that process.
Crew Services
Provides our working crews with water, showers and snacks.
Taking down and puting away non-permanent structures after the Fair.
Entertainment Crew
Books the stages and provides services to entertainers.
Fair Family News
Produces our year-round, in-house newsletter.
Fire Crew
Don't make them work!!!!
Food Booth Committee
Selects new food booth participants. Works with Lane County Health Department to make sure all food booths comply with regulations.
General Store
Works with entertainers to sell their music during the Fair.
Green Thumb
Grows the flowers displayed during the Fair and the veggies that working crews eat pre-Fair.
Provides light meals and snacks to Fair participants during the event.
Provides ice to food booths.
Operates several information booths during the Fair; helps Fairgoers find what they are looking for.
Works with crew coordinators to distribute materials and problem solves crew pass issues.
Kitchen Crews
Feeds the hungry workers before and after the Fair.
Lot Crew
Provides security in the parking lots.
Main Camp
Coordinates the activities and provides the tools to put the Fair together before the big event.
White Bird provides medical and crisis intervention care during the Fair.
Neighborhood Response Team
Works with our neighbors to assure their comfort, security and safety during our event.
Maintains our year-round office in Eugene during most of the year and in Veneta during pre-Fair preparations.
Peach Pit
Produces our event newspaper.
This crew collects and disposes of our recycling before, during and after the event. Don't make them work so hard. Pack it in, pack it out!
Works with booth participants with all administrative tasks.
Cleans up our facilities.
Makes sure we are safe and comfortable 24 hours a day during our event.
Provides showers for Fair family at five locations throughout the Site.
Site Crew
Prepares our site for the event by mowing grass, moving large objects.
Teen Crew
Folks 18 and younger can participate on our various crews. The Teen Crew coordinates the teens and the crews to work together.
Directs traffic. Helps folks find the right place to park.
A year-round crew that helps keep the site green and forested.
Takes videos of the Fair for OCF use and archives. Distributes video passes to the media.
Provides water to booths; maintains water fountains throughout the Fair site.