OCF Response to Recent Allegations

We, the Oregon County Fair, have struggled with how to respond to Shelly Devine’s public allegations made against the organization and some of its board members. Shelly chose to bring her personnel issues to a public forum. That was her choice to make. However, it is important to OCF, as an employer, to be respectful of personnel information and we believe it is inappropriate as an employer to disclose detailed personnel information in a public forum. That puts us between a rock and a hard place. Many false accusations have been made in public, yet we do not feel it is appropriate to fully respond to them publicly.

We can tell you this: We believe Shelly was treated fairly and with respect by OCF, its employees, and its Board of Directors. OCF provided Shelly with consistent and clear feedback regarding her performance issues throughout her tenure as an OCF employee. Shelly’s employment terminated for legitimate, non-discriminatory reasons. OCF took concerns raised by Shelly during her employment seriously and responded thoroughly and thoughtfully. Based upon counsel from third party advisors, we hired a third-party investigator who thoroughly investigated her concerns and was unable to substantiate any violations of our internal policies or of the law. Please note that hiring an outside consultant to conduct investigations of HR matters is common practice to ensure impartiality. During this time, OCF also was advised that the arbitration clause of the PPPM was inapplicable and no arbitration was sought.

We are sad and dismayed by Shelly’s allegations. OCF has and will continue to vigorously defend its actions. We have provided a position statement to the state agency where Shelly filed her claim, outlining the facts and OCF’s position regarding Shelly’s claims. That position statement will become a public record once the case is closed, and, because this is an ongoing legal issue, we do not believe it is appropriate to release it at this time. We hope that you can appreciate OCF’s dilemma and respect our decision to not disclose personnel issues in a public forum, while also understanding that we fully stand behind our decisions and the appropriateness of our actions.