Candidate Forum 2018

Below you will find video taken at the Sept 16, 2018 Candidate Forum held in Eugene. Thank you Paxton Hoag! And many thank you's to everyone who took part in making this event happen!

Just click the links below to access the videos.

The Five Questions

1) As we approach our 50th Anniversary, we are aware of growth & change of the Oregon Country Fair since it's inception and there are ongoing discussions of implications for the Fair's structure. What do you see as the differences between a governance Board and a operations Board, which was intended when the Fair was created and what is it now, and which one should it be and why?

2) What do you think are the necessary qualifications to be a successful member of the Oregon Country Fair Board, as far as Fair and non-Fair experiences, skills and knowledge, should there be any mandatory qualifications, and how do you fit the qualifications you have identified?

3) What is your understanding of confidentiality as it relates to the Oregon Country Fair Board, how do reconcile the need for confidentiality - which can lead to rumors, misunderstanding and confusion - with the desire for transparency, and the risk of violating privacy and/or the law?

4) What can the Board do to improve communication within Fair membership and what can the Board do to continue to establish bridges between and and among generations within Fair Family?

5) What do you feel is the greatest threat to the future of our organization and how do you think the Fair should deal with it?

Ann Bennett Rogers
Cynthia Peaches
Darcy Rose - no longer running
Etienne Smith
Jack Makarchek
Jon Steinhart
Komo Gustafson
Lucy Kingsley
Shelly Devine
Spirit Leatherwood
Sue Theolass
Chewie Burgess - write-in candidate
Aaron Kenton - sent after the forum
Lisa Parker - sent after the forum