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Green and Sustainable.

recycleStakeholders met and participated in a Green Workshop in November to discuss how we define green, what we’d like to see, and different standards and certifications that building can be designed to meet.

Some of these systems include:

• Living Building Challenge
• Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)
• Energy Star
• Earth Advantage
• Green Globes

We discussed the overall goals of the project with regard to sustainability. The idea here was to have clearly stated, testable objectives to guide the design team as the project moves forward.

Here’s a few documents on LEED and Living Building Challenge


Living building standard-1

The Community Center Project

thumb-2The Oregon Country Fair Community Center Project is in the Program Design phase to identify our space needs requirements for an upland kitchen community center. The Oregon country Fair Community Center Committee has contracted with local Architect Pivot and local Engineers Solarc. Currently we have built upon a decade of work to finally begin a process to craft the conceptual design, a site plan, marketing and fundraising materials, and prepared to engage the community center permitting process. The Committee will be working cohesively with the Board of Directors, fair-wide stakeholders,fair family, and the talented Architects, Engineers, and Planners with the Pivot/Solarc partner team.

This Community Center will accommodate a commercial kitchen and relevant ancillary components to effectively feed our volunteers before, during, and after our event each year. In addition to this, the community center would accommodate year round activities such as gatherings, meetings, retreats and other events.

The work is anticipated in several phases. Phase 1 is development of a master plan and begins with the Pre-Design component to understand the opportunities and constraints of the site and confirm the space needs requirements and goals of the project.