Monthly Archives: May 2013

fair signs

We’ve finished the first phase of the project. We have taken an abstract idea and given it real detail and substance, and it is from this place that we can now start to have a meaningful conversation, and know that we are talking about the same things, not varying interpretations of abstract ideas.

Our next step is a work session with interested Fair family to review what we learned from our first phase work, hear your input and feedback, and discuss what the appropriate next steps are to determine what elements of this are most important to us and what we are actually going to build.

We know that we also have the immediate next step of taking the information we have presented to you and now turn our focus to a fundraising feasibility study. We must and will be able to determine what we can realistically manifest through fundraising, capital campaigns and grants & foundation donations before we can further frame our ultimate project proposal. It is the goal of the committee to return to you the membership and our BOD with a detailed report on our fundraising feasibility by September.

Please join us at the Hilyard Community Center on Monday May 20th for our work session. The meeting starts at 6:30PM. We need your help to ensure we get the building we need for our needs of today and those of our future.

The Draft Workshop Agenda

  1. Introductions
  2. Project History
  3. Zoning history / constraints / opportunities
  4. Environmental issues
  5. Fair event operational issues / opportunities
  6. Discussion Forum / Questions and answers
  • CCC process
  • Opportunities for fair family involvement
  • Project timelines
  • Size requirements

See you at the Workshop!