About The Community Center

The Oregon Country Fair Vision Quest Goals state: The Oregon Country Fair shall increase the diversity of all aspects of the Oregon Country Fair Community. An identified way to reach this goal reads: The Fair will build an upland Community Center that includes a kitchen and meeting space and qualifies for a high LEED building certification.

Although under discussion for a decade, at the February 2009 OCF Board of Directors Meeting the following motion was passed unanimously: Establish a Community Center Committee to investigate the building of a community center on site. This Committee has met and does meet most months on the third Monday at 6pm at the town office. This Committee also reports regularly to the Board of Directors at Board Meetings.

In December of 2009 the Board of Directors dedicated $150,000 to the Community Center Building Fund which established what has now grown to over $300,000 dedicated funds as well as green specific funds from “green Ticket” dollars equaling over $46,000.

In 2012 The BOD approved and designated funding to be included in the 2012 General Management budget for the initial steps of a design process which would include developing the concept and identifying issues of agreement and issues to be resolved.  The CC committee set out to select a team of design professionals to work with us on facilitated sessions to achieve these initial goals. After identifying and reaching out to dozens of both local and regional Architects and firms, we engaged in an interview process that brought the finalists into a multi-stage interview process that would allow us to select the firm best aligned with our goals and needs. The selection process led to us entering into a contract with the partners at PIVOT Architecture and SOLARC Engineering for the first phase of this project.

The first phase was completed and the report delivered to the BOD in March of 2013. The first phase delivered the conceptual design, program design, site selection and plan based on the hard work and input of many Fair stakeholders through many facilitated sessions.

Now that the Fair has documented our space needs and program requirements, the focus quickly turned to funding questions. How much could we afford? How would we pay for it? How much money could we manifest through fundraising, capital campaigns, grants, and foundation donations? Understanding our funding capabilities will directly drive the programming and facility design.

After much discussion of the Phase I report, fundraising, and next steps, the Committee scheduled a design charrette for the broader fair family. The charrette was an opportunity for all to look at our site and programs and so the committee can incorporate the broader family’s ideas in the process toward making a recommendation to our fair’s board of directors. The Committee is now aggregating the data collected though charrette process to produce an updated report for the Fair Family and the Board of Directors.

Stay tuned here for progress updates as well as more opportunities to participate in the process. As always, you are invited to attend the OCF BOD meetings held the first Monday of every month as well as the Community Center Committee meeting generally held the third Monday of every month at the town office.

The Committee can be reached at ccc@oregoncountryfair.org