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Charrette Follow Up and Materials

Photo Of Charrette
We had a good turnout with lots of positive energy and input at the Community Center Planning Charrette held on September 27th. The community center committee will start the synthesis of the output of the charrette at our regularly scheduled meeting on October 20th. While the charrette format was not conducive to remote participation, your feedback is still welcome. You can review the materials the participants reviewed and give your own input to the four topic areas: Indoor size, Outdoor size, Kitchen size and Operation specifics. In addition to the Pivot report and the FAQ, charrette participants also used the following three documents to help formulate thoughts and provide opinions. After reviewing the information, if you have any input or questions, contact us

Charrette Presentation Slides 9-27-14
Charrette Materials
Operation Specifics Topic for charrette

Stay tuned for more updates coming in October.

Green and Sustainable.

recycleStakeholders met and participated in a Green Workshop in November to discuss how we define green, what we’d like to see, and different standards and certifications that building can be designed to meet.

Some of these systems include:

• Living Building Challenge
• Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)
• Energy Star
• Earth Advantage
• Green Globes

We discussed the overall goals of the project with regard to sustainability. The idea here was to have clearly stated, testable objectives to guide the design team as the project moves forward.

Here’s a few documents on LEED and Living Building Challenge


Living building standard-1