Hello Fair Family! 

The Oregon Country Fair has added new employees in order to support the valuable work of our volunteers. If you are in need of help and are not sure who to contact, then please reach out to an employee.

Here is contact information and a brief description of who does what at the OCF office.  This is subject to change as we develop our workflow, but this should get you started with any needs or questions you may have.

Kirsten Bolton, Executive Director – kbolton@oregoncountryfair.org

              -Manages staff, budget and administration of OCF

Sierra McComas, Site & Facilities Manager – sierra@oregoncountryfair.org

              -Manages the site and facilities

Mark Malaska, Event Manager – mark@oregoncountryfair.org

              -Works on planning and implementation of all events

Alexis Maddock, Event Manager – alexis@oregoncountryfair.org

              -Works on planning and implementation of all events

Vanessa Roy, Marketing Manager – vanessa@oregoncountryfair.org

              -Manages all Marketing

Norma Sax, Office Manager – norma@oregoncountryfair.org

              -Responsible for tracking all income and expenses of OCF

Alex Zabala, Office Assistant – alex@oregoncountryfair.org

              -General office support for staff and volunteer needs, and front line liaison for member and public relations.

Robin Bernardi, Culture Jam Manager – robin@oregoncountryfair.org

              -Manages all aspects of Culture Jam

Durwin Hoskins, Caretaker – durwin@oregoncountryfair.org

              -Lives on-site and handles site maintenance

Jeff Johnson, Groundskeeper – jeff@oregoncountryfair.org

              -Handles site maintenance

Korey Stidham, Groundskeeper – korey@oregoncountryfair.org

              -Handles site maintenance