With the 2021 Fair in the Clouds upon us in just a few weeks, check here for ways Fair Artisans & Food Booths can engage!


Artisan & Food Booth Online Listings 
OCF juried Artisans and Food Booths can submit a listing if they have never had one or update their current listing. This is a great place to let folks know how to reach you. These listings will be visible during the Fair in the Clouds and year-round at www.oregoncountryfair.org

  1. If you already submitted a listing in the past, check the database to see if you’d like to submit an update: 

Artisans: https://www.oregoncountryfair.org/type/artisans/ 
Food Booths: https://www.oregoncountryfair.org/type/food-booths/

  1. Submission Form for updates AND listing for the first time: 


Please Note: These are not automatic postings. After submitting, please allow a few days for your listing to appear. 

What’s Changed?

  1. We have made the database more accessible by adding a search box on the listing page that will allow shoppers to search by Artisan Name, Business Name or Food Booth Name.
  2. The program will now allow up to (3) images to be uploaded instead of just one.

Extra! Extra!
The Artisan & Food Booth Listings above are automatically linked by Booth number to Cartography Crew’s spectacular Interactive Map of the Fair, updated from last year and filled with Fair history, stories and videos. If people are looking at the map, they can click on your booth and up will come your listing. 


The M8trix — The 3-D Fair Experience
The Fair in the Clouds brings back and upgraded version of last summer’s virtual Fair world where visitors don their own Avatar and visit the Fair in a 3-D virtual space. The M8trix folks are excited to help you have a presence in the “other world”!

Contact M8trix Helping Hands


The Peach Pages—Fair Stories & History
This is also a project started last year and revised for 2021. Any Fair person has an opportunity to request a Peach Page. Peach Pages are for Fair Stories and History, not for promotion or advertising. That said, if you submit a story and are approved, you may include your website address or any other way to reach you. After this year’s Fair in the Clouds, the Peach Pages project will stay on the Fair website year-round!

More about the Peach Pages project and Request Form