The Budget Committee’s work is seasonal but intense. We are looking for volunteers with skills in data management, computers and finance/CPA.  This work contributes to the success of our events and organization. You will be working with a team to navigate through these challenging times. Diverse candidates and candidates new to OCF committee work are welcome. 

Below is a more detailed announcement with instructions on how to let us know if you are interested:

The Oregon Country Fair Budget Committee is Seeking 2-4 New Members

Is  this volunteer opportunity a fit for you? please send a letter of interest with  your background and experience.  Include an informal resume or list of relevant job/volunteer experience.  Email to: 

The budget committee would like to invite some interested volunteers to attend meetings in the next few months to see if this committee is a good fit for you–we look forward to hearing from you soon.

Oregon Country Fair Budget Volunteer committee members work with the Treasurers & staff to:

  1. Maintain Budget Committee documents including the Budget Handbook and the proposed budgets
  2. Support the Budget process, which involves:
    • Vetting budget requests that come from staff and volunteers
    • Researching budget requests—including stakeholders
    • Maintaining documents of decisions
    • Proposing vetted operating and capital budgets to the Board of Directors—both the money and pass amounts
    • Notifying Coordinators and other budget sponsors of decisions including modifications to the request
    • archive budget to actual results
  3. Use the policies and procedures outlined in the Budget Handbook, and established by board motions and BC procedures to assess budget requests in a manner that is consistent with OCF policies and procedures.

 Expectations  of  committee volunteers:

  1. Attend meetings virtually or in person 
  2. Read budget requests before the meetings; participate in discussions of budgets.
  3. Contribute to the work of the committee by being a Budget Liaison to assigned crews, or by volunteering to perform some of the administrative work of the committee (see below)
  4. Participate in articulating the  Committee priorities; safety, stewardship and fiscal responsibility  for members and for the  public experience.
  5. Keep OCF values, goals, and interests in mind.

The committee is looking for volunteers who:

  1. Can devote 4-6/hours a week during  the late fall/early winter budget season
  2. Have background in nonprofit management/accounting/budgets. Can read financial statements.
  3. Have good math and spreadsheet skills. Can Use Google docs and online meeting software
  4. Will be liaisons for several crews—communicating with those crews to clarify their needs for the budget committee, and to inform the crews of BC policies when needed.
  5. Practice good group process— Be a clear and compassionate communicator.
  6. Can be clear about potential conflicts they bring to decisions. Members are asked to refrain from  advocating on behalf of crews, friends, family, businesses and other groups with which they have affiliations. Committee members are asked to put the needs of the organization  first.  .   Committee members should not be liaisons for crews  of which they are a member.
  7. Have training as Financial Analyst, CPA, data manager or other financial and data skills
  8. The committee welcomes diverse candidates and  members of underrepresented  communities.  . The committee also welcomes candidates new to OCF committee work.

The committee asks for each non-board/officer committee volunteer to participate in at least one of the following roles:

  1. As a crew liaison to specific assigned crews. This involves  becoming familiar with the crews’ function, schedules, and spending. When the BC evaluates a crew budget request, the BC liaison is the first link for clarifying requests (recalculating, assessing for compliance with handbook, determining if the crew is proposing a change in roles, and calling the coordinator with clarifying questions).  Board liaisons can choose whether they will act as liaisons to crews. 
  2. Contribute to the administrative work of the committee which includes
    • updating the budget handbook
    • updating crew budget request forms
    • maintaining spreadsheet to track BC decisions (traditionally a Treasurer role) (this includes decisions, follow up and completed crews)
    • taking minutes/notes for meetings
    • notifying coordinators of budget approvals
    • reconciling and archiving actual operating results in shared google formats

The Budget Committee asks for a minimum two year commitment for participation.  

Budget season typically starts in Sept and October and  often meets 2-4 times a month during  September to December(historically, on Wednesday evenings 6-8) to evaluate crew and other operating budgets. The committee presents its recommended operating budgets to the OCF board at a special board meeting late in January. In February, the committee vets capital project requests–to present proposals to the Board at the March board meeting. (For the current year, the capital project schedule may be different. Covid has given us reasons to be flexible.)

Thank you,
OCF Budget Committee

link below to google document of the volunteer call out: