Oregon Country Fair Bylaws Committee

The Bylaws Committee is responsible for the maintenance of the organizational Bylaws. This is an ongoing standing committee that reports to the Board of Directors and provides communication with the membership regarding the Bylaws, including any proposed amendments.

Any member of the OCF in good standing may serve on the Bylaws Committee. Appointments to the committee are made by the Board of Directors with input and feedback from the existing committee.

A majority of the members of the committee in attendance at a meeting shall constitute a quorum. The policy of decision making is by collaborative consensus based on respectful dialogue.

Meetings may be conducted monthly, quarterly, biannually, or annually at the discretion of the committee based upon any Board directives or revisions of state laws and regulations as is appropriate.

The Executive Director shall serve as staff liaison to the committee, and while they may give input and feedback, they are not considered a member of the committee and shall have no vote.

There will be at least one Board liaison to the committee. This/these liason/s may participate in committee deliberations as full members of the committee.

This committee is an advisory committee and may not exercise the authority of the Board.

Although this committee is non-hierarchical, there will be a committee chair, a facilitator, and a secretary per the OCF Committee Best Practices Manual.

Chair: Lisa Parker, VP of Bylaws & Policy

Secretary: Kimberly “Kimmo” Howard

Facilitator: Mark Pankratz

Board Liaisons: Paxton Hoag & Sam Rutledge

Members: Diane Albino, Heidi Doscher, Paxton Hoag, Kimberly “Kimmo” Howard, Mark Pankratz, Lisa Parker, Palmer Parker

Contact: bylaws@oregoncountryfair.org

Meeting Minutes