The Oregon Country Fair depends on the efforts of its many volunteers who offer their skills and services through several working crews. Each crew has a Coordinator that manages the crew’s volunteers to make sure they have all the resources needed to accomplish their designated tasks.

Vaccine Verification Plan – Pre-Fair/Main Camp only

A wristband will be given for Pre-Fair/Main Camp upon passing vaccine verification to expedite access to the site. If you lose it or it comes off, you will need to verify again, please bring your vaccine card, just in case. This wristband becomes your proof of vaccine verification to get your event wristband.
Tuesday, July 5th will be the last day we will give Pre-Fair/Main Camp wristbands.
Wednesday, July 6th and Thursday, July 7th in Trotters Field – We will stamp your hand, then proceed to the Sticker Booth for the event wristband.
The Public will be given wristbands once they pass through vaccine verification. Everyone will have a wristband during the event.

Staff Contacts

Crew PPE needs
Please email Mark Malaska at with your needs. We will stop taking PPE requests on May 1st. After that you will need to use your Supplies & Services budget for this expense. We are buying extra PPE.

Equipment Needs
Please email Mark Malaska at with your needs.
Please let us know if you have any contracts you need help with and make sure to send all contracts to .
Volunteers Needed
Email if you need volunteers, or know someone who wants to volunteer.

Scheduling and Calendar Additions
Email if you need to schedule a meeting and add it to the calendar or if you would like to add information to this page.

Mileage and Expense Reimbursement
Email or bring your reimbursement forms to her office on site or in Eugene.

Coordinator Forms


Fire Extinguisher Training

Saturday, June 4th – Sunday, June 5th – Main Camp, 11am-2pm – At Line in the Sand

Tuesday, July 5th – Thursday, July 7th – Pirates Cove All Day

Humanistic Intervention Dates by Zak Schwartz

Sunday, June 5th at Dragon Meadow
11am – Pre-Fair Crews
Sunday, June 26th at Dragon Meadow:
10am Return Volunteers
1pm New Volunteers    

Tuesday, July 5th – 4pm White Bird Staff Only at Big Bird/Main Stage
Thursday, July 7th – 12pm Childcare Staff Only
Thursday, July 7th – 5pm at Blue Moon Stage – Open to anyone who hasn’t completed the training

Humanistic Intervention Online Training Video

Radio Protocol Training Video