Fair Office
442 Lawrence Street
Eugene, OR 97401

OCF Board of Directors & Officers

Our Board of Directors

Our Staff
Kirsten Bolton, Executive Director
Jans Ingber, Culture Jam Program Director
Norma Sax, Office Manager
Durwin Hoskins, Caretaker
Jeff Johnson, Groundskeeper
Alexis Maddock, Site and Facilities Manager
Mark Malaska, Event Manager
Vanessa Roy, Marketing Manager
Korey Stidham, Site Supervisor
Alex Zabala, Office Assistant

Click Here to Submit Your Feedback

The Oregon Country Fair appreciates your input regarding all aspects of this organization and event.  We always want to hear your feedback – suggestions for improvements in Fair policies and operations, exceptional or unfair treatment by Fair participants, or philosophical musings.  

Written feedback is accepted throughout the year and is compiled for the Annual Meeting in the fall.  To report on a specific incident, include a description of the event with date, location, and persons involved. Please email us at info@oregoncountryfair.org with your feedback or to report an incident.

This information will be reviewed by the Feedback staff, Fair management, and forwarded to relevant coordinators and committees.  

The annual Feedback Report will be posted to www.oregoncountryfair.net after the Annual Meeting in October.