We are changing some of the on site Fair Family Volunteer parking areas this year, mainly to make it easier for volunteers to be closer to the entrance to the Fair.

Fair Family volunteers park, on site, during the fair based on where they parked in the past and/or where their Vehicle Stickers allow the family to park.

The major change this year is that we will be parking our vehicles, that are not allowed to park elsewhere in the fair on site parking (like camping in South Miss Piggy, SCOF, Alices, Back Lot, for example), starting first come first serve in the Dead Lot (which in the past has been public parking), then Outta Site Lot, then as overflow and if needed the Outer Limits (Winery) Parking.  Remember you can only park on the Far Side if you have a Far Side Parking Sticker. 

So you will park, if there is room, first the Dead Lot, then Outta Site, then Outer Limits (Winery) if needed as an overflow.

Except for Emergency Vehicle Stickers and Service Vehicle Stickers there are two on site Vehicle Stickers. They are light green and say 2022 Vehicle Sticker and orange 2022 Outer Limits. These are the fair side vehicle stickers.  There is no Outta Site vehicle sticker this year but with the above you can park in the Dead Lot, the Outta Site Lot and if it is needed as an overflow the Outer Limits (Winery Lot).

There is also a blue OVRV oversize vehicle sticker for oversize vehicles that you must have for oversize and RV vehicles.  You have to have them in addition to any other vehicle sticker that you have if you have this type of vehicle.