Photo by Peter Raducha 2019

Pre-Fair Helpful Tips

We are so excited to get to work on making this year’s Fair amazing and beautiful. We want to make sure we treat the land and each other with kindness and care. 

  • Please Drive Slowly and Mindfully
    • Things are wet and muddy. Be careful when you are driving in the muddy areas.
    • Please don’t spin wheels and create ruts
  • Feel Free to Wear a Mask
    • Masks are a personal choice, not a requirement.
    • Everyone should feel comfortable wearing a mask.
    • Masks are encouraged in shared spaces like in the food line at Main Camp.
      • We appreciate everyone’s dedication to creating safe shared spaces
    • Lucy in Inventory Yurt and Norma in the Office both ask that you wear a mask when you visit them. They have masks available.
    • This is Fair! Have fun with your masks!
      • There are so many colors of N95 masks. We have a large supply of fun colored paper masks available. Plus there are the cloth masks that we love to match with our outfits.
  • Bring your Vaccination Cards
    • The Greeters are checking everyone’s vaccination cards and issuing wrist bands. Please bring your cards with you to get your wrist band.
  • Be Patient and Work Together
    • Spread good energy and kindness with others and with the land. We are all watching the weather and hoping for a dry spell. In the meantime, we are all working together for the same goal: An Amazing Fair!
Photo by Wood and Smith 2016 Photo Crew

Pack In, Pack Out, Leave No Trace

Recycling Crew is a vital part of making the Fair both beautiful and friendly on our environment. They have asked that everyone unpack any new gear at home. It’s best not to burden our resources with added boxes, bubble wrap and packaging. Please minimize what you bring as well as packing out your trash and recyclables. During the Fair, please take your trash out of your camp daily. We all share the task of keeping our Fair site clean, beautiful and free of unmanaged waste.

Thank You for Doing Your Part